A New Look for Montréal International

April 24, 2014


Montréal International (MI) is refreshing its brand image after 18 years of activity. The local and international environment has evolved and changed over the years, and so has our organization. The colourful new MTL INTL logo conveys our name in an eye-catching and compact format. It is in keeping with the current trend whereby the letters MTL are increasingly used as shorthand to refer to Montréal —especially on the web and social media. Moreover, each of the colours used in the logo represents an activity or division of MI. The combination of complementary colours and shapes highlights the synergy between internal MI teams and the synergy between MI and its partners.

The new design also symbolizes the momentum generated by the new 2014-2018 strategic plan adopted earlier this year. It is a powerful tool that will help increase the local and international reach of MI and Greater Montréal among all partners, clients and audiences. And you are part of this.

To mark the rollout of our new visual identity, we have revamped our website. The new interactive Montréal International website is a showcase for Greater Montréal as an economic powerhouse. It is fully compatible with mobile platforms and contains a host of information on the region’s key attractiveness indicators. Here you will find testimonials from business leaders, international organizations and skilled foreign workers who have chosen Greater Montréal. You can also download our latest publications or generate your own documents using content from the website. The press room provides you with the latest economic news about Greater Montréal, whereas the Greater Montréal: Leading Business blog features timely economic analyses on a variety of topics. Looking for an MI expert or contact person? Visit the Contacts section to find who you’re looking for.

More than just a website logo, our new visual identity stands for the entire team’s commitment to promote Montréal International’s unique expertise. Fuelled by drive, determination and a desire to succeed, we look forward to pursuing our role as drivers of wealth for Greater Montréal with you on our side.

You can also find us on Twitter: @MTLINTL, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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