Québec sets out to conquer Chinese market

Montréal International (MI), along with some 150 other representatives from the business, education and culture communities, took part in an economic mission to China from October 26 to 31. Dominique Anglade, President and CEO of MI, and Claire Yu, Project Manager, Asia – Investment Greater Montréal (IGM), accompanied Québec Premier Philippe Couillard on his first foreign mission since he was elected in April. The purpose of this mission was to develop new markets for Québec businesses and promote the province to Chinese investors.

Montréal International took this opportunity to meet with some 30 Chinese investors interested in entering the North American market. “The Chinese market is growing at full tilt and represents a significant source of capital for Québec,” said Dominique Anglade. “The Chinese are looking for investment opportunities in various sectors, such as video games, clean technologies, life sciences and natural resources. We must continue promoting the advantages offered by the province and Greater Montréal in order to build strong economic links with China and thus raise our profile in Asia and attract Chinese investment to Québec and Montréal.”

Ms. Anglade also spoke with major Chinese media outlets to highlight Greater Montréal’s attractiveness to foreign investors, international organizations and skilled workers.

Dominique Chine

China is Québec’s second-largest economic partner, after the US. Québec—China trade is currently worth close to $11.5 billion a year.

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