LINKBYNET announces the expansion of its North American headquarters in Greater Montréal

Sixty new IT jobs in the business services sector


Montréal, November 5, 2015 – LINKBYNET, a France-based specialist in outsourcing, cloud services, web e-business and information systems, today announced it is expanding its activities in Greater Montréal—five years after first setting up its North American headquarters in the region. The company has seen outstanding growth in Québec during this period, investing close to $12 million and hiring nearly one hundred employees—which is considerably more than the $8.4 million investment and 60 hires initially planned. Building on this success, LINKBYNET plans to create another 60 jobs by 2020.

The company, which provides customized applications and infrastructure hosting, management and security services for small and large businesses, has increased its turnover from around $50,000 in 2011 to more than $2.5 million in 2015. LINKBYNET now aims to triple its business within five years and double its workforce in Canada, primarily at its Montréal office.

The announcement will be made by Julien Trassard, General Manager of LINKBYNET North America, along with Jean Laurin, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Montréal International and President and CEO of NKF Devencore, and members of LINKBYNET management, at a cocktail conference at the Montréal Science Centre.

“LINKBYNET bet on Greater Montréal in 2010 to grow its cloud computing and IT services. After five years, we can confidently state that this move has paid off—both in terms of the level of technical expertise and the commercial opportunities offered by the region,” said Julien Trassard, General Manager of LINKBYNET North America. “We are delighted to celebrate this success with our clients, partners and friends who have shared in our growth,” he added.

With its projects to set up and expand supported by Montréal International and Investissement Québec, LINKBYNET is meeting the urgent and growing needs of Montréal businesses such as L’Oréal Canada, Bolloré and CAA-Québec.

“The success of LINKBYNET, which has substantially grown its operations and positioned itself strategically within the North American IT industry, confirms the attractiveness and competiveness of Greater Montréal. Québec’s metropolis is recognized for its pool of qualified workers, its geographic location and very competitive operating costs,” noted Jean Laurin, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Montréal International and President and CEO of NKF Devencore. “What’s more, LINKBYNET provides highly targeted and leading-edge expertise in new technologies, enabling it to support the prosperity of numerous businesses in the region, in every sector.”

LINKBYNET is also recognized for its quality solutions and has won several awards (Best Hybrid Cloud—VMWare, 2014, and Customer Obsession Partner—Amazon Web Services, 2015).


Disruptive IT: technical solutions transformed to support enterprise prosperity

The LINKBYNET cocktail conference will provide an opportunity to learn more about trends and changes in information technology from now to 2020. Gartner, a world-leading research firm providing fact-based consulting services to IT executives and government decision-makers, will discuss digital development challenges and development opportunities.


Topic: Rupture ou transformation, où en seront les TI dans 5 ans? (Disruption or transformation, where will IT be in 5 years?)

When: Thursday, November 5, 2015 – 4:00 p.m.

Where: Montréal Science Centre


For the off-site management of your IT systems, LINKBYNET is your best partner. LINKBYNET is a private company with close to 650 employees who maintain the availability and performance levels of web applications, e-business solutions, and information systems. Our commitment is based on extensive expertise in hosting, cloud computing, data management, and IT security. Active on four continents—in Canada (with our North American headquarters in Montréal), France, Mauritius, Hong Kong and Vietnam—our mission is to ensure that your critical applications and infrastructures are available and secure 24 hours per day, seven days a week. LINKBYNET has achieved an enviable customer satisfaction rating of 97% and a 97% contract renewal rate.

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