Attractiveness Indicators for International Organizations

Montréal is a prime international city located in one of the most socioeconomically stable and performing countries in the world. From a sociocultural perspective, the city is midway between Europe and the US; it also attracts one of the largest immigrant populations in North America. Montréal is ranked number one among Canadian cities for its annual international meetings and for the number of international organizations that have established themselves in the city. Montréal is the second UN city and the second city in North America with the most consulates, after New York. Montréal provides international organizations and their employees with a welcoming surrounding and a preferred urban setting at very affordable prices for a city of this size. The city’s large pool of qualified workers, its cosmopolitan and welcoming character, its quality of life and its outstanding environment, as well as its housing and its many quality cultural and sporting infrastructures place Montréal among the best international urban centres.