Big data profile in Québec

Québec businesses and organizations encouraged to tap into the tremendous potential of big data. Leveraging technological advances in big data, users in fields such as health care, finance, security, marketing, entertainment and education can now extract value from a growing volume of data that is hard to manage using conventional tools. For businesses, big data is first and foremost a great opportunity to innovate, increase sales, profits and market share, and create new personalized offers.

The Profile of the Big Data Industry in Québec also reviews big data best practices in countries such as France, the Unites States, the United Kingdom and Germany, and outlines key factors for the successful development of a big data hub:

  • Implementing a specific big data strategy
  • Focusing on talent attraction, retention and development
  • Having state-of-the-art data infrastructure and better access to data
  • Building centres of excellence that focus on cooperation among industry, government and academia
  • Engaging community leaders
  • Specific recommendations for Québec

While highlighting Québec’s research, innovation and high-tech expertise, the study also makes four recommendations to boost the province’s big data industry:

  • Develop big data strategies for Québec and Canada
  • Encourage Québec organizations and businesses to incorporate big data into their business processes
  • Develop specialized big data training programs that reflect business needs
  • Consolidate computing centres in Québec

The Profile of the Big Data Industry in Québec was prepared by Montréal International, in cooperation with Québec International and in partnership with the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal; Canada Economic Development; Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada; the Institute for Data Valorisation (IVADO); Québec’s Ministry of the Economy, Science and Innovation; and the City of Montréal.