A dynamic borough that has seen one of the highest population growth rates in Greater Montréal in the last ten years. Verdun is located a few kilometres south of downtown Montréal. The affordable housing, the hustle and bustle of Wellington Street, the many parks as well as access to public transit attract families to central Verdun. The Nuns’ Island sector is an upscale residential neighbourhood that has a nine-hole golf course. It is a great combination of country and city life, offering up views of the river on one side and Montréal skyscrapers on the other side.


Population : 66,078
Population density by km2 : 6,802
Median age of citizens : 40

Number of households

  • Couples : 7,645
  • Couples with children : 5,850
  • Singles : 13,210

Average size of households : 2
Median household income : $ 39,740
Proportion of immigrants : 19%

Mode of transportation to work

  • Car (unacompanied) : 14,365
  • Carpool : 1,540
  • Public transport : 11,660
  • Bicycle : 2,195