Greater Montréal beats to the rhythm of knowledge and intellectual curiosity, modernity and high technology, performance and joie de vivre. And that is just one of the many reasons thousands of skilled workers choose to settle here each year.

Living in Montréal

Discover all the advantages of living in Greater Montréal.

All You Should Know to Settle in Greater Montréal

Need to get a work permit or visa, open a bank account or find a place to stay?

Help to Find Work

A few tips to help you find a job in Greater Montréal

Support service for spouses

The service provides: counselling, orientation, experience sharing and top-level networking.


Advice for Temporary Workers

Answers to all your questions about the temporary worker status and permanent residency.


Guide to Living in Montréal

A must-read guide for skilled foreign workers who want to work in Greater Montréal and thereby start a new chapter in their life.


What Marc Muraccini Has to Say

“I like the serenity I see in Quebeckers, how approachable they are, the respect shown to others, the quality of life in general, and the pace of work that is more relaxed and steadier than in France. I also find Montréal is an accessible city that offers a wide variety of cultural attractions. I would be very sorry to leave if I ever had to.”

Marc Muraccini, Intellectual property lawyer