How to plan economic recovery based on new cybersecurity challenges?

The health crisis related to COVID-19 has transformed the practices of many companies, including foreign subsidiaries, forced to adopt telework and remote activities. However, these changes bring a new set of technological and social challenges.

To help you better understand the impact of this transformation, Montréal International hosted a webinar, in collaboration with Deloitte and the Université de Montréal, on Thursday, May 21, 2020.

Guest experts:

  • Amir Belkhelladi, Member of the Board, Cybereco, Partner and Risk Advisory Leader, Deloitte
  • Benoit Dupont, Holder of the Canada Research Chair in Cybersecurity and the Research Chair in the Prevention of Cybercrime, Scientific Director at SERENE-RISC, Université de Montréal

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