Discover the strength of Montréal’s purchasing power with the new cost of living comparison tool

May 15, 2018


Montréal International is proud to present its new cost of living comparison tool available online for free.

The new tool, based on data from Mercer, provides an interactive experience to international workers, encouraging them to choose Montréal as the place in which to work and live.

The general public can also use the tool to compare the purchasing power of an international city against that of Montréal.

The tool is quick and easy to use. All you have to do is enter the following information to create your personalized comparison scenario:

  • Your current city of residence
  • Your current salary
  • Your projected salary in Greater Montréal
  • Your family situation (single or family of 4)


Greater Montréal is a very attractive option, especially for families! In fact, thanks to a very affordable cost of living and affordable rents, a public health system and daycare spots available at special rates, a family of four living in Montréal enjoys a greater purchasing power than in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Paris and London.

As for single workers, the tool will show that their projected disposable income in Montréal is much higher than that in Toronto or Paris, for example.

This is why Montréal is such a great place in which to live and work!


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Choose Montréal for its quality of life

In addition to this higher purchasing power, there are many other reasons to make Greater Montréal your home. The city is safe, multilingual, cosmopolitan, and stands out for its exceptional quality of life. Ranked second-best city in the world for millennials, Greater Montréal has the most affordable rents in North America.