Supporting the integration of foreign workers

The professional transition for foreign workers requires an adaptation period, both for the future employees and their employers. In addition to its recruitment missions, Montréal International offers four targeted training courses to facilitate the job market integration of foreign workers.

Training for spouses

Montréal International offers spouses of temporary foreign workers recruited during its recruitment missions or employees of its private partners a training and support session to explain culture norms, customs and to simplify their integration into Québec’s society.


  • Prepare for arrival and life in a new country
  • Clarify career objectives and plans
  • Start an effective job search
  • Develop a professional network

Cultural diversity management courses

Montréal International provides a turnkey service to better face the challenges associated with increasing cultural pluralism within organizations. What’s the goal? To acquire management tools prior to international recruitment projects, to simplify the integration and retention of workers and reinforce the bonds and interactions between colleagues from different cultural backgrounds.

Course 1: Strategic management of cultural diversity, from idea to action


  • Identify the organization’s challenges in respect to cultural diversity management
  • Review practices, policies and management tools to leverage cultural diversity
  • Think about innovative ways to create effective cooperation
  • Start the process for implementation of a cultural diversity management policy

Target clientele: HR professionals

Course 2: Develop your cultural agility for everyone’s wellbeing


  • Explore new inclusive management approaches
  • Develop new responses for conflict resolution
  • Improve one’s emotional intelligence to establish good relationships
  • Plan initiatives for inclusion

Target clientele: Team managers (managers, directors, supervisors)

Course 3: Going on autopilot raises your many biases


  • Understand the effect of one’s communications on others
  • Play down the differences and play up the similarities
  • Develop responses to welcome and support new hires
  • Adopt ways to foster peaceful co-existence


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