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Office leasing

Whether you are looking for prestige office space, an industrial loft or a production workshop, you will find it in Greater Montréal

Leasing is usually a two-step process:

  1. You start by making an offer to lease to propose your conditions for the space you are interested in. Negotiations usually follow for these conditions.
  2. Once an agreement is reached, you sign a commercial lease, which sets out the lease cost (usually based on the amount of space) and the negotiated conditions.

What kinds of conditions are covered in the lease?

  • The lease term;
  • Included and excluded operating expenses (e.g., parking, heating, security, housekeeping services, etc.);
  • Responsibility for leasehold repairs and improvements;
  • Responsibility for property taxes and public utilities;
  • Items covered by the lessor’s insurance;
  • Subletting options for all or part of the leasehold.

Before you sign your lease, have it reviewed by a lawyer, accountant, real estate broker or building inspector. A Montréal International advisor can refer you to a trusted professional.

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