How to invest in Greater Montréal

Everything you need to know to launch your project.

Legal considerations
Tax considerations
Banking considerations
Real estate considerations
Personal considerations
Other important considerations

Tax considerations

The tax system is different in every country. Take the time to learn about your

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing represents the value of the goods and services traded between subsidiaries of the same organization that are located in different countries.

Payroll costs

By setting up operations in Greater Montréal, companies can take advantage of Québec's highly competitive payroll costs

Tax and financial incentives

Organizations setting up operations in Greater Montréal may be eligible for tax and financial incentives to help them get their activities off the ground.

Corporate taxation

In addition to tax optimization strategies for your operations in Canada, tax compliance is an essential consideration for companies with activities in Canada/Québec.


Banking considerations

Discover how to open a commercial account and obtain financing

Bank accounts

Canada is known for its solid and stable banking system, which comprises six major banks and a financial cooperative.

Corporate credit ratings

When a company applies for financing in Québec, the financial institution will evaluate its capacity to pay in order to determine its creditworthiness.


Are you seeking financing to get your development project in Greater Montréal off the ground?


Real estate considerations

Finding the right place of business is key to your success. Discover the ins and outs of leasing.

Find real estate locations

Find land and commercial/industrial properties for sale in Greater Montreal, as well as office spaces for rent.

Office leasing

Whether you are looking for prestige office space, an industrial loft or a production workshop, you will find it in Greater Montréal—and at a price that is more affordable than in other major North...


Personal considerations

Learn about the personal tax system.

Personal taxes

In order to fund the numerous public services that make life so pleasant in Greater Montréal, all residents earning an income are required to pay taxes to the governments of Québec and Canada.

Personal credit rating

Financial institutions offer retail clients a wide variety of financing options ranging from traditional loans to mortgage lines of credit for day-to-day transactions as well as major projects.


Other important considerations

There are lots of things to think about when setting up your business. Check out this section to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Risk insurance

Whether you are investing in Québec to enter the Canadian market or to establish a base of operations for all of North America, your business needs should be thoroughly analyzed to identify and...

Group insurance and benefits

Most companies offer group insurance to their employees on top of the benefit programs run by the governments of Québec and Canada.

The importance of communications and public relation

As a leader in your field, you are surely aware of the importance of properly planning your organization's presence and outreach in a major region like Greater Montréal.


Montréal companies need to look no further than the city's talented and diverse labour pool to find the people they need.

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