Montréal: Artificial intelligence serving the common good

Home to a thriving artificial intelligence ecosystem, Montréal has a dynamic scientific community that includes the world’s largest concentration of academic researchers in deep learning.

Thanks to the work of highly respected researchers such as Yoshua Bengio, leading-edge expertise was developed in recent years that is increasingly attracting the world’s very top players in AI.

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in investments announced since 2016
in Canada for university research funding
researchers at Mila
workers in Montréal
university students in AI-related programs

Montréal is the place to be for foreign companies looking to shine in the field of AI

The city’s unrivalled appeal has allowed Montréal International to support, in the last three years, more than 40 strategic projects, representing $1B of investment.

  1. A unique ecosystem and a critical mass of businesses
  2. The largest university research hub in Canada
  3. World-renowned experts: Yoshua Bengio, Joelle Pineau, Hugo Larochelle, Irina Rish
  4. The Canadian government chose Montréal as headquarters for SCALE AI, Canada’s AI supply chain supercluster
  5. A unique institute (IVADO) and major investments (Canada First Research Excellence Fund)

They chose Montréal

“ Microsoft is very excited about the idea of collaborating with professors and students in Montréal’s huge tech community. The city is becoming a global hub for research and innovation in artificial intelligence. ”

Brad Smith

President, Microsoft

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“ We are thrilled to be expanding our global community of specialists with the extraordinary pool of talent in Montréal, and to be growing our footprint in Canada by partnering with companies to help them better integrate artificial intelligence into their activities. ”

Jeremy Palmer

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, QuantumBlack

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Learn how Montréal is leading the way in AI.

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