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Montréal: Home to international organizations

With nearly 70 international organizations, including six UN offices, Montréal ranks 3rd in the Americas for the number of IOs. As a world civil aviation capital and sustainable development hub, Montréal is home to many IOs in both of these sectors. Others work in various areas, including life sciences, education, international development, French speaking community endeavours and design.

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International organizations in Montréal

Locating in Montréal is a wise choice

Montréal has a unique ecosystem and huge advantages for international organizations choosing to locate here. Is your organization looking for a home base or wanting to expand its presence in North America? Come join a dynamic community of international organizations already in Montréal.

Comprehensive and accessible support program

Nearly half the international organizations based in Montréal have received support from Montréal International to set up here. Once in the city, most IOs are supported in some shape or form by our dedicated team.

Feel free to contact us. We will help you make the most of the measures in place to optimize your integration. We offer:

  • Flexible, multi-year financial support for eligible organizations
  • Strategic and logistical advice
  • Help obtaining work permits for non-Canadian staff
  • Networking support with key partners in the institutional, academic and business worlds

What’s more, Québec is the only jurisdiction in North America to have a Hospitality Policy for International Non-governmental Organizations. This policy sets favourable conditions for you to achieve your mandate and develop your activities.

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A welcoming city open to the world

International hub

  • Crossroads of Europe and North America
  • North America’s top destination for international conferences
  • Direct flights to over 150 destinations
  • Strategic location: 90 minutes from New York City and under 2 hours from Washington, D.C., by plane; less than an hour away from the U.S. border

Educated population speaking several languages

  • 55% of the population is bilingual and 20% trilingual or speaks more languages
  • Canada’s university capital: 15 universities, more than 200,000 students, including 35,500 international students

Exceptional quality of life

  • The most affordable city in Canada and the U.S.
  • Safest city among 20 major cities in Canada and the U.S.
  • One of the best public transit systems in North America


We are much more visible since we moved to Montréal. There are many international organizations here and Montréal International helped us to integrate. We are definitely in the right place.

Christoph Schewe

Managing Director, IFALPA

Presentation on Montréal’s advantages

To learn more about what advantages Montréal has to offer and the services we provide to international organizations, download our presentation.

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Sector Profile - Sustainable Development

Is your international organization involved in sustainable development? Montréal has an extensive ecosystem of organizations, research centres and innovative companies specializing in this sector.

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Arnaud Dion

Senior Director, International Organizations