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The Recrutement Santé Québec story

Recrutement Santé Québec is the official service of the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux for recruiting health and social services professionals who have obtained a diploma outside Canada: nurses, orderlies, speech therapists, social workers, medical physicists, etc.

Its mission is to meet part of the labour needs of the public health and social services network, to offer consulting services to newcomers wishing to work in the network, and to assist institutions in the immigration, integration and retention processes related to the hiring of qualified foreign workers.

Montréal International’s impact

  • Organization of international recruitment missions, targeting of professional pools, promotion, and dissemination of information: more than 1,000 international candidates have been hired over the past 10 years through some 20 recruitment missions.
  • Recruiting for all of Québec: Montréal International helps Recrutement Santé Québec recruit health and social services professionals for all regions of Québec; 40-50% of qualified candidates from abroad are hired in Greater Montréal, the rest elsewhere in the province.
  • Support for international mobility: Montréal International supports Recrutement Santé Québec in the integration of international candidates in Québec.
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