NeurIPS: Montréal stirs up AI world

The prestigious conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) allowed some 8,000 attendees to fully realize the AI phenomenon in Montréal and better understand the… Read more

Montréal International meets with Belgian, Moroccan and Tunisian students

As part of its I choose Montréal initiative, Montréal International has recently conducted two new missions abroad to attract international students to Greater Montréal. Hundreds… Read more

19th Journées Québec event a resounding success

Journées Québec is a two-day speed-recruiting event held in Paris twice a year. In addition to drawing big crowds in Europe, the event is also… Read more

Montréal showcases its educational institutions in North Africa

Montréal International will conduct its first mission in North Africa from November 30 to December 5 as part of its I choose Montréal initiative. The… Read more

NeurIPS: the world’s eyes are on Montréal

Montréal has become a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI). This enviable position allows the city to cap off a brilliant 2018 with more than… Read more

IT Vision Conference | November 9, 2018

On November 9th, Vector Networks will host the IT Vision Conference in Montréal. With the goal of better preparing for emerging technology within organizations, speakers will discuss… Read more

Recruiting mission: Next stop Toulouse!

You should consider looking for top talent off the beaten path. And that’s what Montréal International is offering Greater Montréal businesses by organizing a recruiting… Read more

Montréal on a mission in Pixelatl, Mexico | September 4-8, 2018

Montréal International is happy and proud to be holding its first recruiting and prospecting mission in Mexico at the Pixelatl festival! The Montréal International delegation… Read more

Montréal International launches campaign to woo AI talents

As part of the 35th International Conference on Machine Learning, which will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, from July 10 to 14, Montréal International will… Read more

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