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Solving environmental challenges with AI:  Montréal’s advantage

June 17, 2021

Solving environmental challenges with AI:  Montréal’s advantage

Companies striving to reduce their negative environmental impact or developing solutions in this field increasingly turn to artificial intelligence. Montréal, one of leading global hubs in AI, has become a top destination for corporations from around the world to establish R&D centers and take advantage of highly skilled talent, competitive tax incentives, and low-cost renewable energy.

Join us for this webinar, organized by Montréal International, to hear why companies and international organizations have chosen Montréal to develop AI solutions, which projects they are working on, and how your company could benefit from this unique ecosystem.

This webinar will be particularly useful for:

  • Corporations with aggressive ESG targets
  • Heavy and light industry looking to reduce its negative environmental output
  • IT companies developing environmental solutions
  • AI companies looking to lower their carbon footprint using Québec’s 99% renewable energy

Speakers include:

  • Sébastien Dakin, Director, Business Development, Americas – Foreign Investments, Montréal International
  • Bassant Selim, Data Scientist, Ericsson (Telecommunications)
  • Frédéric Bastien, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence of Things, AspenTech (Industrial sector)
  • Tristan Mallet, Partner, BCG Gamma, Boston Consulting Group (Responsible AI solutions)
  • Sylvain Carle, Senior Director, SecondMuse (Environmental venture capital and accelerator)
  • Éliane Ubalijoro, Executive Director, Sustainability in the Digital Age (International organization)

The webinar will be mainly conducted in English, but you will be able to ask your questions in French.