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Food processing: A sector that pulls its weight

Greater Montréal has a world-class agri-food industry, specializing in the processing and distribution of food. With plentiful, high-quality food resources, the city is home to an impressive industry ecosystem, featuring numerous research and technical centres.

It’s not surprising that Montréal is now considered one of the best cities in the world to set up a business in this sector.

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No. 1
food processing centre in Québec
6,2 B$
contribution to Quebec's GDP
food processing companies
food processing workers
students in food processing related programs

Montréal is the place to be for foreign companies seeking a solid ecosystem with globally- competitive export growth.

Québec is Canada’s leading province in processing milk, pork, chocolate, cocoa and maple syrup products. It also has distinct advantages such as having large quantities of high-quality water and offering the sugar at a very competitive price compared to the U.S. market.

Map of Greater Montréal’s agri-food ecosystem

  1. Plentiful, high-quality food resources
  2. A 4.0 manufacturing industry focused on food processing
  3. A 23% cost advantage over other large metropolitan areas in Canada and the United States
  4. Competitive wages and affordable, dependable and renewable electricity
  5. A world-class logistics hub with high-quality transportation infrastructure
  6. North America’s fine dining capital

They chose Montréal


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Discover why Montréal has a world-class agri-food industry.

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