A new platform to showcase Greater Montréal’s economy

April 25, 2019

Montréal International is launching a new website at the forefront of local marketing best practices to better convey Greater Montréal’s value proposition to investors, international organizations, entrepreneurs, students and talent worldwide. The city’s economic development agency used detailed economic data to promote the differentiators that will tip the balance in favour of Greater Montréal.

Spotlight on the city’s sectors

Montréal International’s new portal is mobile friendly and features a dozen detailed sector profiles—a real goldmine for anyone wishing to seize the full potential of Greater Montréal’s high-tech sectors, including artificial intelligence, video games, visual effects and animation, aerospace, and life sciences and health technologies. Investors can also get a complete picture of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal and can contact Montréal International’s experts directly if they want to pursue business opportunities in the area.

What’s more, users can browse a range of publications, news articles and events, and subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay on top of all the latest updates.

Enhanced brand identity

Our new, redesigned website is a reflection of our new corporate identity, which captures our forward-looking spirit and our ability to inspire and motivate. Our organization has evolved and broadened its scope over time. To reflect the changes, this past year we have given our brand image a makeover by slightly revamping our logo and tailoring the logos for Talent Montréal (foreign workers) and I choose Montréal (international students) to perfectly match our master brand logo.

Watch our corporate video to learn more about our brand’s visual transformation:


With a new privacy policy that meets the world’s highest standards, our organization will also launch a targeted promotional campaign online and on social media that will run throughout the year.

Small team, strong motivation

Our Economic Affairs and Marketing Communications teams led all our website revamp and brand identity makeover projects. Special thanks go to Julien Perronneau, Digital Communications Advisor, who has done a wonderful job managing the website redesign, and to Marina Keomanivong, Marketing Communications Advisor, who provided input on the I choose Montréal website. Yohann Rabusseau, Graphic Designer, supervised the production of the corporate video and all the work that went into transforming our brand identity. Vesna Poljicak, Analyst, played a central role in developing and updating the promotional profiles of the key sectors that make Greater Montréal an attractive business destination.

Thank you to our contributors:

Website design: Akufen
Strategic advice (website): Nicola Navratil
Brand identity makeover: byHAUS
Corporate video: Gimmick