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AI: Facebook expands its Montréal lab

September 21, 2018

After having been in the city for a year, Facebook will intensify its AI research by expanding its lab and hiring new researchers. Their new workspace will be able to accommodate up to 60 workers, thus allowing them to triple the current staff number.

The research centre, headed by Joëlle Pineau, Associate Professor at McGill University, completed its first year of operations by conducting a good number of experiments, particularly in medical imaging, Facebook algorithms and generating content from photographs. Facebook’s expanded presence, along with industry giants Google, Microsoft, Samsung, DeepMind and Thales, bolsters Montréal’s AI ecosystem.

According to Ms. Pineau, Facebook’s presence has had an indisputable effect on how to design AI. As a year has passed since the research centre set up in Montréal, Ms. Pineau stresses, “It’s a conversation that now is happening out in the open, not just in the lab. I think it’s healthy.”

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