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Artificial intelligence: Montréal’s talent responds to global challenges

May 6, 2022

As Montréal hosts the World AI Summit Americas, Montréal International is unveiling its new promotional video featuring the city’s artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem. The goal is to raise the profile of this booming sector in order to attract foreign investors, international organizations and talent from around the world to Greater Montréal.

This unique video features the crucial role of the Montréal ecosystem in using AI for Good. It showcases several of its impact on various sectors including healthcare, the environment, aerospace and gaming.


“Artificial intelligence represents a real potential for economic growth because it is transversal: virtually every sector can benefit from it,” commented Stéphane Paquet, President and CEO, Montréal International. “Since 2017, we have accompanied 47 foreign direct investment projects in artificial intelligence worth a total of nearly $1 billion. This is a priority niche, which not only contributes to Greater Montréal’s economic attractiveness, but also helps find solutions to global challenges.”

About 20 local companies and studios participated in the making of this video to demystify the various applications of AI, whether it be to fight climate change, accelerate drug discoveries and tackle mental health, space exploration or saving the bees.

A glance at Greater Montréal’s artificial intelligence ecosystem:

  • More than 27,000 workers with AI-related skills
  • More than 14,000 students in AI-related programs
  • Nearly 900 researchers and master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral students
  • Le Mila, the world’s largest university research lab in deep and reinforcement learning
  • Global leaders such as Deepmind, Google, IBM, Meta and Microsoft
  • An information technology ecosystem with more than 160,000 workers and over 7,000 companies

For more details on the different applications mentioned in the video, read our article.


For Montréal International:

  • Creative strategy and project supervisor: Yohann Rabusseau.
  • Promotion: Céline Clément, Chloé Warren-Garneau, Christian Bernard, Eve Caron, Guillaume Courchamp, Jean-François Grenier, Manuela Comte, Marina Keomanivong, Sarah Archambault and Thaïs Queiroz.

Video production:

  • Production and motion design: Gimmick Studio
  • Script: Dominique Bulmer
  • Mixing and sound design: Studio Edgar
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