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Axionable: set to become the first specialist in sustainable AI

February 24, 2020

With environmental and social issues now at the heart of many concerns, more and more companies are taking concrete steps to make a positive contribution to society. This is the case with Axionable, a specialist in data valorization strategies and artificial intelligence (AI), which took a bold turn in 2020: to become the first specialist in sustainable AI in France and Canada.

To achieve this, Axionable has completely transformed its business model, its organization and its leadership in addition to strengthening its skills to specialize in the development of AI solutions that reconcile economic results with social and environmental impact. Axionable also set itself clear objectives, such as reducing its carbon footprint by 50% by 2020. For 6 months, the company mobilized 20% of its workforce to carry out this transformation.

What’s more, this shift will not be made to the detriment of the company’s growth. On the contrary: Axionable intends to double its sales in 2020 and to achieve 100% of its revenue from sustainable AI projects starting in 2021.

“We are convinced that it is perfectly possible to reconcile positive impact, sustainable development and profitability. It goes way beyond the issues of image and respectability. The value of our expertise is no longer measured solely in terms of financial criteria, but also in terms of our impact on society,” explains Gwendal Bihan, co-founder and CEO of Axionable.

In fact, Axionable is on the way to obtaining B Corp certification, awarded to companies that meet certain requirements in terms of the environment, governance and public transparency.

Recently, the company appointed Dr. Alexis Hannart, an expert in data science and climate science, as Scientific Director and Associate of Axionable. “This choice is first and foremost one of conviction. We also seek to respond to growing demand from our customers and our teams to take more action, particularly in the face of the climate crisis,” he says. “Our presence within the Montréal AI ecosystem, particularly recognized for its ethical artificial intelligence applications, plays a key part in achieving our goal to become the first sustainable AI specialist firm in France and Canada.”

Montréal International would like to commend the ambitious initiative of this French company, which set up shop in Montréal a year ago. The Greater Montréal economic promotion agency is itself exploring how to better target foreign investments related to sustainable development. On a daily basis, Montréal International also advocates a series of internal policies to promote best environmental practices.

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