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Foreign entrepreneurs: It’s your turn to choose Montréal!

July 18, 2018

It’s official! The Montréal International (MI) team is now ready to welcome the first foreign entrepreneurs who want to launch their startup in Montréal.

The announcement of this new mandate—entrusted by the Government of Québec—was made at Startupfest, a major conference on the business of startups. More than 7,000 attendees from some twenty countries converged in Montréal from July 11 to 14.

MI went the extra mile during the event to connect with as many attendees as possible and to let them discover all the right reasons for choosing Montréal. A new website,, along with a promotional video brief touted Greater Montréal’s specific expertise and its solid and dynamic ecosystem comprising incubators, accelerators, venture capitalists and government bodies all working towards the success of startups.

This first outing was dubbed a success: more than 200 entrepreneurs, from places such as the United States, Belgium, China, Morocco and Brazil, stopped by to chat with our team. No less than 40 visitors also took the time to present their business plan as part of a customized promotion, whereby the winners get five days to stay and work in Montréal for free.


Planning to start a business in an innovative field? Whether it’s in aerospace, deep tech, AI, social innovation, video games or fintech, Montréal International can help you.