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HMH: a two-hundred-year-old company that knows how to innovate

November 28, 2019

Innovation is often associated with start-ups, i.e. those fledgling companies behind all sorts of technological breakthroughs. And yet, a company with a history spanning almost 200 years has taken the path of innovation to further its primary calling: contributing to the education of young people and enabling them to fulfill their potential.

Founded in 1832, HMH has always worked with teachers, students and schools, notably through numerous publications targeting children, but also television shows. The company’s impact throughout the world is considerable: the work of the HMH team reaches nearly 50 million students and 3 million educators in more than 150 countries.

Today, HMH seeks to contribute to the education of young people in a very different way. Every day, the company focuses on a new objective: completely rethinking the classroom so that each learning activity is tailored to the student.

“Our goal is to maximize each child’s potential,” explains Benjamin Bazso, Director of Software Engineering at HMH Canada. “We want all young people to be able to progress at their own pace, in keeping with their strengths and weaknesses. I believe that our project really has the potential to revolutionize education as we know it.”

To achieve this goal, HMH relies on a group of experts in different fields, including artificial intelligence. “Greater Montréal is the ideal region to develop a project of this scale. Montréal’s expertise in artificial intelligence is recognized around the world,” adds Benjamin Bazso.

Given the scope of its activities, HMH has the means to make a real impact on the education community. Benjamin Bazso knows which anecdote he will tell to convince potential candidates to be a part of the HMH family. “When my daughter started high school, she came home to tell me that her school was using HMH products. In a flash, my work and that of the HMH team took on all its meaning. We can have a real impact on young people each and every day.”

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