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Montréal is one of the world’s biggest influencers

October 9, 2019

Montréal is now one of the world’s biggest influencers according to the new publication on city performance by JLL called Demand and Disruption in Global Cities: The State of Global Cities, 2019.

This study, conducted by The Business of Cities, presents the 60 most competitive cities in the world ranked in four main categories and listed in 10 respective roles that each city plays in the world economy. Montréal stands out in the New World Cities category as an Influencer.

Montréal is the global city of the future 

The metropolis falls in the New World Cities major category along with Silicon Valley, Seattle, Barcelona and Vienna. These cities are smaller than Established World Cities, which include, among others, London, Paris, New York and Tokyo, but stand apart due to their outstanding economic growth, their capacity to attract and retain talent and companies in leading-edge sectors while providing a high standard of living and an excellent quality of life. What’s more, they have institutional strength that stimulate innovation. They have acquired an excellent international reputation and efficiently manage the challenges of growing demand for real estate.

Montréal is a global hub of knowledge and creativity

The city specifically stands out in the Influencer sub-category as it has acquired a competitive edge on the international stage due to the quality of its institutions and its collaborative ecosystem. It has a reputation as a hub of knowledge and creativity. It makes its mark in high-tech sectors such as AI, creative industries and life sciences.

Moreover, it attracts a large number of international companies due to its stimulating business environment, significant infrastructure investments, financial stability and greater political stability, competitive operating costs compared to other cities in North America, and its more integrated efforts to promote investment in the city.


In the second edition of this publication, JLL and The Business of Cities evaluated more than 500 benchmarks to determine the cities that perform the best in the world to attract companies, investment and talent, to improve their infrastructure and maintain long-term growth. Read the full study