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Montréal is the most reputable city in the Americas

August 30, 2018

The World’s Most Reputable Cities 2018 City RepTrak®

By Vesna Poljicak
Analyst, Economic Affairs and Marketing Communication

 Montréal earns a spot among the world’s Top 10 most reputable cities in the Reputation Institute‘s annual ranking and stands out as the most reputable city in the Americas. The other North American cities that were rated all fell behind Montréal. For example, Toronto was in 13th spot, Vancouver in 16th spot, San Francisco in 20th spot, and New York in 24th spot.



To carry out this study, the Reputation Institute polled over 12,000 people in the G7 countries and in Russia, and ranked the 56 most reputable cities around the world based on level of trust, esteem, admiration and respect.

The opinions were then grouped into the following three dimensions:

  • Advanced Economy (dynamic business environment, head offices of global industry leaders, technology, etc.);
  • Effective Government (well-developed political and legal institutions; social, economical and environmental policies; safety, etc.);
  • Appealing Environment (beauty of city, appealing experiences, etc.).

Cities with a strong reputation were viewed positively across all three dimensions. Nevertheless, this is the first time that a city’s beauty has a lower weighting than safety as a decisive factor in the 2018 ranking. This proved to be quite an advantage for Montréal, which has the lowest crime rate among the 20 major cities in Canada and the United States.

To see the Reputation Institute’s full City RepTrak® ranking and its methodology, use the following link.