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Survey: Two thirds of foreign subsidiaries in Greater Montréal planning to boost investments

April 3, 2019

How do foreign-owned subsidiaries located in Greater Montréal perceive the region’s business climate? To find out, Montréal International (MI) has commissioned SOM to conduct a survey.

The results are clear: subsidiaries located in Greater Montréal will actively contribute to supporting the city’s economic growth. Two out of three subsidiaries intend to invest more and create additional jobs over the next three years. In Greater Montréal, foreign subsidiaries make up only 1% of businesses, but account for 10% of jobs and close to 20% of the region’s GDP.

Quality of life and the quality of the city’s educational institutions are the factors that matter most to Montréal subsidiaries. Other highly valued factors include cost competitiveness, port and airport services, services provided by economic development agencies, and immigration policies.

The survey also revealed that foreign subsidiaries are deeply rooted in Québec’s economy primarily because of their many partnerships with educational and research institutions and their business relationships with local suppliers.

Based on their features, the subsidiaries that participated in the survey are representative of the region’s economic reality. The geographical distribution of surveyed subsidiaries is similar to that of the total population of subsidiaries in Greater Montréal. The Information Technology sector has the highest representation among respondents.

Follow this link to access the full survey results.