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Three medals for Montréal International

September 21, 2022

Three projects, three awards, and especially one big collective win.
Add teamwork, daring innovation and lots of agility for some magic.

I’m attending the International Economic Development Council’s Annual Conference in Oklahoma City to accept not one, not two, but three awards presented to Montréal International from the largest network of economic development experts in the world.

Three excellence awards for our agency, and above all, a great recognition for the Business Intelligence and Communication & Marketing team, which often works behind the scenes. Today, we are shining a light on them, and on three very original projects to promote Greater Montréal’s economic attractiveness.

GOLD – Multimedia/Video Promotion category: “Montréal – The place I now call home” is an emotional video that shows the outstanding quality of life the city has to offer to attract foreign workers.

How is it a collective achievement? We did not do any filming. We mobilized our partners and stitched together some inspiring visual content we already had. Doing it this way allowed us to represent all of Montréal’s metropolitan community. It’s quite a masterpiece produced on a low budget!

GOLD – Digital Media category: the tax credit calculator that makes it easier for foreign investors to come to a decision.

Again, this project required some close collaboration. Colleagues from our Business Intelligence unit, along with PwC Canada, provided 24 cost scenarios based on tax incentives, according to different industries. The Communication & Marketing team was then able to harness this highly strategic data into an effective, interactive tool—a forerunner in the economic development field.

SILVER – General Purpose Print Promotion category: “Montréal, mon avenir” (Montréal, my future) campaign to support international students as they settle in Greater Montréal.

In this case, we targeted a pool of exceptional talent for Montréal companies. We invited international students who were already in the area to settle in the city. How? By leveraging the resources on the I choose Montréal portal. This message, jointly driven with the Québec Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration, was promoted at seven university campuses and five metro stations. Estimated visibility of more than 20 million impressions.

The proof is there!

We were able to execute these impactful projects, at lower cost, by relying on our partners to generate concrete spin-offs for our community. We can innovate and push foreign investors to make decisions using effective, user-friendly interactive tools. It’s also possible to reach most international students using a precisely targeted campaign that can be impactful.

In short, promotional tools can have a significant and positive impact on the results of an organization, and, ultimately, on a city’s economy. Today, I tip my hat to all Montréal International employees who draw on their expertise and passion to serve Greater Montréal—they certainly know how to rally everyone who cares about the city’s success.

That’s the magic of a collective win.