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#WATERGENERATION: a new global hub to mobilize youth towards water issues

A new project for the International Secretariat for Water

November 28, 2019

The International Secretariat for Water (ISW) launches #WaterGeneration, a new global hub for youth, water, and sustainable development. The ISW will establish a “Resource Center” as part of its #WaterGeneration strategy to facilitate the mobilization and connectivity of youth – leveraging more than 20 years of experience with cross-cutting programming supporting youth actions to solve global water issues.

More than half of the global population is below the age of 30. These young people need to be equipped to inherit a world in which 52% of the world’s population will live in areas affected by water stress by 2050.

Representatives from the government of Canada, the government of Québec, and the City of Montréal will join local and international young leaders on November 28 to discuss sustainable water management in Montréal and strategies for international youth cooperation. The inauguration event, hosted at Maison du développement durable, is following  two-full days of workshops where young leaders from Québec and abroad were invited to present innovative solutions to water-related challenges.

This project became a reality with the support of our partners Montréal International, the City of Montréal, the Government of Québec and the Government of Canada.

Sarah Dousse, Executive Director, International Secretariat for Water said:

“The International Secretariat for Water is contributing to build a sustainable and peaceful world by mobilizing, connecting, and supporting youth. Yesterday’s #WaterGeneration Beyond Borders: Co-creating the future we want!” workshop is a taste of the youth-led innovations and inter-generational collaboration to come. Strong leadership is needed to tackle the world’s water challenges. By 2050 45% of the world GDP may originate in water-related stressed areas and half of the population may be living in water-stressed regions. In that regard, we are honored to work closely with the City of Montréal, the Government of Québec, and the Government of Canada.

Nadine Girault, Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie said:

“Water is a precious natural resource in Québec. It is our duty to encourage efforts to ensure its integrated, sustainable, and equitable management. I am very pleased that the IO Hospitality Policy that my department is overseeing can help carry out such projects as the expansion of the International Secretariat for Water. The Secretariat, whose headquarters have been based in Montréal since 1991, is among the many international organizations — nearly 70 — that contribute to Québec’s influence.”

Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montréal said:

“Climate change is forcing us to act swiftly. We must make it a priority to raise awareness among Montrealers concerning the importance of water. Youth also plays an important role, as they will be the most likely to observe the impact of climate disruption on our daily lives. The creation of this new global hub for youth, water and sustainable development by the International Secretariat for Water is an excellent initiative. Montréal is already engaged in the ecological transition and this global hub will certainly contribute to our success.”

Hubert Bolduc, President and Chief Executive Officer, Montréal International said:

“#WaterGeneration will not only raise young people’s awareness of these issues, it will also help promote Montréal’s leadership on those topics. Montréal International is proud to support international organizations such as the International Water Secretariat, in carrying out major projects that will shape the sustainable world of tomorrow.

About the International Secretariat for Water (ISW) (

The International Secretariat for Water (ISW) and Solidarity Water Europe (SWE) form a movement engaged in mobilizing youth; implementing drinking water and sanitation field-projects; and advocacy and awareness activities that uphold the universal right to water. The ISW is based in Montréal, Canada, and SWE is based in Strasbourg, France. The #WaterGeneration strategy offers three different programs (Connected Youth, Water Youth and Global Issues & Water Youth and Arts) and a cross-cutting axis (Resource Center).