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Québec policy on immigration

Montréal International recommends that the Québec government align its economic immigration policy with job market needs by focusing on specialized temporary workers and international students.



Ericsson chose Montréal

«Greater Montreal was selected for many reasons but the most important is the gouvernment tax incentives what we get here that give us access to very qualified staff with high level of competence at cost that are competitive.» – Maria Elena Carbajal, vice-president of the IT solutions – America



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Medtronic’s Insight

“Greater Montréal offers Life sciences companies a very welcoming environment, with a very open spirit of collaboration among universities, research institutions, industry and governments. I would also like to mention the strategic support provided by Montréal International which, along with its partners, has actively contributed to our company’s growth.”

Neil Fraser, President, Medtronic of Canada


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