Why foreign companies are choosing Montréal?
Technology hub
Strategic location
Cost advantage
Quality of life
International city
Technology hub

A hotspot for highly skilled talent

Investing in Montréal gives you access to a pool of talent that’s fed by a world-class education system. In addition to its more than 350,000 university students, the region is home to 277,000 workers in fields related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, 136,000 in creation and 341,000 in management and administration positions.

  • Best student city in the Americas, tied with Boston, and 6th in the world according to the QS Best Student Cities 2022
  • Canada’s university capital with 15 institutions and more than 100 colleges
  • +350,000 university students, including +65,000 international students
  • 2nd best city in the world for millennials (Nestpick, 2018)
  • Canada’s most bilingual and trilingual population
  • Canada’s largest centre of university research
“ We like hiring brilliant problem-solvers, and Québec’s universities produce the kind of talent we need. ”

Alan Vesprini,

Managing Director, Morgan Stanley’s Montréal Technology Centre

Montréal academic institutions

4.3 million residents and the best economic growth in Canada
Strategic location

Direct, unparalleled access to world markets

Strategically located in northeastern North America, Greater Montréal is an intermodal transportation hub (air, marine, road and rail). Companies in the region can easily access huge markets in over 50 countries, home to almost 1.5 billion consumers.

Map of Greater Montréal’s businesses and organizations

  • 90 minutes by air to Boston and New York
  • 3 airports: 20.3 million passengers welcomed at Montréal-Trudeau (2019)
  • YUL is the most international Canadian airport with direct flights to more than 150 destinations
  • 2nd largest port in Canada: 39 million tonnes of cargo (2019)
  • Rail infrastructure at the heart of the Canada, United States and Mexico network
  • Greater Montreal is designated as a foreign trade zone that can allow exemptions from customs duties and taxes
countries covered by free trade agreements in force
billion accessible consumers
Free trade: only Canada has agreements with all G7 countries
Cost advantage

The most competitive costs

It costs less, on average, to operate a business in Greater Montréal than in any other large metropolitan region in Canada and the United States, without even counting the very attractive incentives that are available.

  • An average cost advantage of over 26% in high-tech sectors
  • Highly competitive salaries in the tech sector
  • Subsidies and interest-free loans for major and innovative projects
  • Up to a 30% tax credit on R&D costs
  • Sectoral tax credits of up to 43%
  • Electricity rates as low as 3.98¢CAD/kWh for large power customers

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A business ecosystem fuelled by innovation

It is a fact that world-leading companies already know: Montréal is home to the largest concentration of high-tech jobs in Canada. That is why the city is so well positioned to take advantage of the digital revolution and associated technologies (artificial intelligence, big data virtual reality, visual effects, Internet of Things, etc.).

  • Highest concentration of jobs in the tech field in Canada
  • 2nd highest growth in high-tech jobs in Canada and the United States between 2016 and 2018: +9.1%
  • A global leader in diverse sectors with high added value: artificial intelligence, video games, visual effects and animation, aerospace, life sciences, health technologies, etc.
  • An exceptional atmosphere of collaboration between university researchers and high-tech industries

Quality of life
Quality of life

Montréal, a quality of life champion

Montréal is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, safety, affordability, love of fine dining and devotion to the arts. Montréalers enjoy buying power that’s superior to that of residents of other large cities in North America and western Europe, thanks to its affordable rents, generous family allowances, free health care, the lowest tuition fees in North America and inexpensive daycare.

  1. The safest city among the 20 largest cities in Canada and the United States
  2. Cultural metropolis: 120​​​​​​​ festivals, 180 performance venues, 65 museums
  3. Most affordable major city in Canada and the U.S. (UBS Prices and earnings, 2018)
  4. 3rd friendliest city in the world (Rough Guides, 2016)
International city

Montréal, an international, multilingual metropolis

Montréal is recognized as Canada’s international capital with the largest community of international organizations in the country, and the third largest in North America. The city’s businesses, agencies and university institutions are extremely well-positioned to access the largest global networks.

  1. 70 international organizations
  2. One of 3 UN cities in North America, alongside New York and Washington
  3. 2nd largest number of consulates in North America
  4. 1st in North America for the number of international conventions it hosts
  5. +140 languages spoken (55% of the population is bilingual and 20% trilingual or more)
  6. The most reputable city in the Americas (Reputation Institute, 2018)

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