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Klanik sets down roots in Montréal and plans an expansion in the middle of the pandemic

April 21, 2021

Only 18 months after opening a Montréal office, Marseille-based IT consulting, research and development company Klanik is planning new investments and hiring in Québec. In the coming months, it hopes to develop its specialized cybersecurity branch and capitalize on Montréal’s thriving ecosystem to make the city its centre of excellence in this area.

To support that growth trajectory, the office intends to recruit 70 experts over the next few months, including developers, engineers, architects and data scientists. The new hires will enable the company to meet the need for services like security and predictability analyses, which is growing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Klanik, this Québec expansion offers real opportunities on many fronts. “Québec’s technology ecosystem and its members are ahead of the curve, particularly in regard to AI and data applications. This is a real opportunity to find the highly qualified resources we need to meet our goals and a chance to shine with our local, national, and international projects,” noted Yoann Rouleau, Executive International Director at Klanik.

In Montréal, a team of 30 experts designs and develops Klanik’s major projects for the Cloud/DevOps and cybersecurity environments. “In our view, Montréal is the central development hub for our Canadian and North American expansion. We are already working with clients south of the border, and our employees based in Canada will be supporting projects in Asia and Europe,” noted Mathias Blanc, Klanik’s Head of Canadian Business Development.

With bases already established in Belgium, in Monaco and more recently in Dubai, the company hopes to strengthen its global presence by consolidating its subsidiaries. In Montréal, the team in place is already focusing on developing its client base, especially in the banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy and transportation industries.

Firmly rooted in Québec values

Sharing, open-mindedness and opportunities for real input and discussion are all features of the Québec business management culture. “Québec managers place a great deal of confidence in their employees. Klanik’s management models reflect our caring culture and philosophy of harmonious co-existence, providing a healthy professional/personal life balance and opportunities for personal and professional development. I would even say that Klanik’s business model has more in common with the Québec model than the French model,” asserted Yoann Rouleau.

“For French companies there are many benefits to setting up operations in Montréal, and we are pleased to see that Klanik’s experience has confirmed its view that our ecosystem is the ideal location to pursue its North American expansion plans,” stated Hubert Bolduc, President of Investissement Québec International. “Setting up its cybersecurity centre of expertise here in Québec will further consolidate our technology ecosystem. Our team will continue to showcase the strengths of this strategic industry and support a lasting recovery of our economy.”

“The Montréal cybersecurity sector has more and more players, and we are pleased to welcome Klanik into an ecosystem that is both diverse and complementary,” said Stéphane Paquet, President and CEO of Montréal International. “Montréal’s expertise in information technology and artificial intelligence is recognized worldwide, and today’s announcement is further evidence of that fact.”

About Klanik

Founded in December 2011, Klanik is a consulting firm that assists IT companies with their outsourcing needs. It helps large corporate groups in France and around the world carry out projects with high added value in DevOps & Cloud, cybersecurity, and Data & AI, and more generally with digital transformation initiatives. Klanik’s innovative business model focuses on the growth and development of stakeholders to provide consultants with stability and longevity.

A total of 420 partners and 120 clients have placed their trust in Klanik to date. The company operates offices in seven cities in France (Marseille, Sophia Antipolis, Montpellier, Lyon, Paris, Lille and Toulouse) as well as four cities around the world (Brussels, Montréal, Dubai and Monaco).

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