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Cybersecurity: Pr0ph3cy develops its flagship tool in Montréal

March 30, 2022

Pr0ph3cy Group strengthens its presence in Greater Montréal and announces the rollout of its cyber-training platform, Seela, to meet local cybersecurity needs. France-based Proph3cy Group has been established in Montréal since 2020 with its cybersecurity consulting firm Silicom, and it intends to hire more than 60 talents with skills in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence over the next two years.

Seela offers an innovative solution to address the labour shortage in a key sector, which is a major challenge impeding the growth of local businesses. The company’s theoretical training allows users to acquire technical skills at any level. Seela is a user-friendly platform where users can direct their own training according to their level of expertise.

Seela was developed in partnership with Airbus CyberSecurity, whose CyberRange can enable users to get training and then apply their acquired knowledge in realistic simulations.

“Pr0ph3cy is a vision, a concept around innovation and the evolution of the international cybersecurity market. As the market continues to evolve, it is a decisive moment in our development. While cyber issues gain dominance, governments are aware of the importance of reinforcing the digital security of organizations. The time has come to invest with the goal to create and promote cybersecurity champions,” said Arthur Bataille, Founder and CEO of Pr0ph3cy Group and President of Silicom and Seela.

This expansion comes at a time when Pr0ph3cy Group has raised over $21 million (CAD) in funding with IK Partners, a European private equity firm.

“Montréal seems more and more like a global cybersecurity hub. Having Silicom join this ecosystem seems like a strategic move to us. The funds recently raised would be invested directly in our Montréal structure to speed up hiring of local and foreign workers, and to roll out our training platform (Seela) to fully support our clients,” explained Berthold Roth, Vice President and Managing Director, Silicom and Seela Canada.

Experts to drive cybersecurity research

In order to achieve its recruitment goals, Silicom and Seela intend to draw from the local pool of talent and hire internationally as well. The newly hired experts could conduct research in Montréal, notably in the area of AI applied to cybersecurity. Over the past 10 years, Silicom has developped AI projects in various fields related to cybersecurity, including intrusion tests, teams building (red and blue) and malware detection.

Moreover, the Seela platform is available to train future IT workers at universities. As Montréal has more than 10 cybersecurity research chairs and labs, it is the top city in Canada for cybersecurity research and study programs.

“With world-class researchers and more than 21,000 workers skilled in cybersecurity, Montréal is a key cybersecurity hub. Pr0ph3cy Group has shown that by choosing our city to roll out an innovative tool and by attracting international workers who will enhance our local ecosystem. We are proud to support investment projects that have such an impact on Greater Montréal and its future economy,” said Stéphane Paquet, President and CEO, Montréal International.

“Our team has been working closely with Silicom and the Pr0ph3cy group for several months to provide them with the support they need for their expansion on Québec soil. The advantages of doing business in Québec are numerous for French companies, and players in the cybersecurity sector can rest assured of encountering a welcoming ecosystem where they can develop their ideas and achieve their goals. Our experts, based in Europe and in Québec, will continue to support the subsidiaries of foreign companies to facilitate their contribution to the growth of our strategic sectors,” said Hubert Bolduc, President of Investissement Québec International.

Pr0ph3cy Group is delighted that the first edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum North America will be held in Montréal on November 1 and 2, 2022. Pr0ph3cy Group has been taking part in the event in Lille, France, for several years. It was at this industry event, back in 2020, where its partnership with Airbus Cybersecurity was made official and the Seela platform was launched.

About Pr0ph3cy

Pr0ph3cy Group comprises Silicom, a cybersecurity consulting firm created nearly 40 years ago, and Seela, an e-learning platform created in 2019 to upskill IT professionals in cybersecurity. It has 280 employees and is managed by Arthur Bataille. For more information, go to and