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Tap into a pool of international talent!

July 7, 2021

Is your company looking to fill key positions, especially in the IT field? Montréal International has an opportunity for you to expand your talent pool and recruit the best programmers, developers, QA analysts, solution architects, DevOps specialists, or any other professional with expertise from around the world and currently in demand.

The site now allows employers in the area to post ongoing job postings and tap into a pool of some 35,000 candidates who are already registered, from various countries in Europe, Latin America and North Africa.

With temporary work permits, international workers can be an effective way to address labour shortages, and thus support growth in certain sectors in the region. The new web platform helps companies recruit totally virtually, using an algorithm that can target and identify high-potential candidates who best match the desired profile.

Moreover, Montréal International regularly optimizes its digital campaigns to promote various job offers in the most promising territories, and has a site that can equip workers interested in a career in Québec for success.

To get your own Employer Space, contact us now! You can also learn about our various training courses on obtaining temporary work permits and compliance requirements for employers.