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Actualits: New records for Montral International

Greater Montral is more attractive than ever. In 2019, Montral International (MI) supported 89 direct foreign investment projects, including 58 business set-ups, which means the establishment of more than one new company per week in the region.

Actualits: Montral International supports $3.765B in foreign investment and helps more than 1,100 international workers in Greater Montral

MI set new records in 2021! The level of foreign investment supported reached $3.765Ba 69% increase compared to the previous year. A total of 1,135 international workersincluding hundreds of health and education workerswere added to Greater Montrals pool of skilled workers as a result of MIs efforts.

Actualits: Microsoft Research Montreal Moves to Montreal AI hub

Microsoft Research Montreal announced today that it is relocating its office to Mile-Ex, Montreals new AI Hub. Since the start of 2017, the Microsoft Research Montreal lab has played a fundamental role in research that aims to teach machines to...

Actualits: 2016: a record year with 1.35 billion dollars in foreign direct investment

Positioning Greater Montral as a leading global destinationMONTRAL INTERNATIONAL: A RECORD YEAR WITH 1.35 BILLION DOLLARS IN FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENTMontral, April 19, 2017 L. Jacques Mnard, President of the Board of Montral International, and Hubert Bolduc...

Actualits: GEO BON moves headquarters to Montral to capitalize on the citys AI expertise

The Group on Earth Observations - Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON), a global research net-work and community of practice dedicated to improve monitoring of Earths biodiversity, announces the relocation of its headquarters from Leipzig, Germany, to Montral, Canada.