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Montréal, the best city for entrepreneurs & startups

You’re an entrepreneur and you’re planning to launch a company in an innovative sector such as artificial intelligence, video games, life sciences, cyber-security, “deep tech” or fintech? You’ve found the right place!

Take advantage of an environment that offers the best future prospects as Canada has been ranked by the OECD as the most attractive country in the world for entrepreneurs.


Montréal by the numbers

billion US in venture capital financing between 2018 and 2020
incubators and accelerators
collaborative work spaces
student city in the Americas (QS, 2022)
best city for remote workers (Workmotion, 2021)

Why choose Montréal for your startup?

Montréal offers a strong, dynamic ecosystem with targeted support from incubators, accelerators, venture capital investors and government institutions committed to the success of startups.

With its unique business environment, Montréal possesses all the necessary elements to foster the emergence of innovative companies.

Map of Greater Montréal’s startup ecosystem

  1. The lowest cost of living and doing business among large U.S. and Canadian cities
  2. Very competitive operating costs and numerous tax incentives
  3. An ecosystem recognized for its technological excellence
  4. A large pool of skilled talent
  5. Exceptional quality of life

Accompanied startups

Success story
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“Montréal is an ideal place to start a business. There are lots of tech incubators that tap into the enthusiasm of young graduates coming out of our excellent colleges and universities. A tech incubator in Los Angeles can attract 75 candidates, whereas one in Montréal will attract 400.”

Dax Dasilva

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lightspeed

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Why choose Montréal

Discover the benefits Greater Montréal has to offer for your startup.

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