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05 Organizing payroll, group insurance and pension plans

Employee remuneration

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In Québec, most employees are paid weekly or bi-weekly.

Employers have one month to give employees their first pay cheques. After that, they must pay their employees at regular intervals no longer than 16 days (one month for managers or contract employees).

Payroll deductions

As an employer, you are required to withhold certain amounts from each employee’s pay cheque for provincial and federal income taxes, and for contributions to the Québec Pension Plan, the Québec Parental Insurance Plan and the Health Services Fund.

To do that, you must register for source deductions on the Revenu Québec website and open a payroll program account online with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Pay stubs

You must provide employees with a pay stub for each pay period. The pay stub must show a number of items, including:

  • The name of the employer, as well as the employee’s name and job title
  • The pay period and pay date
  • The number of hours paid at the regular rate and the number of overtime hours paid or replaced with paid time off, along with the applicable rate
  • The employee’s gross pay, the type and amount of payroll deductions, and the net pay received by the employee

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