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Regardless of the workplace, the health of employees must be the employer’s primary concern.

Regardless of the workplace, the health of employees must be the employer’s primary concern. Implementing measures that foster the wellbeing and growth of workers optimizes a company’s efficiency, thus making it easier to recruit and retain good employees.

Air quality, food, physical activity and socialization all factor into the overall vision of occupational health

A current trend in the workplace consists of overhauling the office space and transforming it into a true destination, i.e., a place the offers more than just a workspace.

Factors to consider when providing a healthy and safe workplace:

  • Nature of the building. Health is the goal guiding the construction of new buildings according to the most stringent standards. Optimal brightness, acoustics mitigating noise, good water and air quality… Cutting-edge technologies allow new constructions to be state-of-the-art.
  • Food. The health of workers also depends on a balanced food offering, low in sugar and fats.
  • Physical activity. More and more employers are offering employees the opportunity to work out without having to leave the office. Sports facilities, skating rink, basketball court, gym, group classes or sports leagues—these all are good options to keep employees moving and to foster team spirit, which will have a positive impact on their work.
  • Social life. The social aspect should not be neglected. One option is to offer areas dedicated to socializing and relaxing, where major events, like informal meetings, can be held.

Fostering the physical and psychological health of workers is a win-win

Reducing absenteeism and improving performance are just two of the many advantages in preserving the mental and physical health of workers. The era when companies only reimburse their employees for some membership fees or consultation fees is now over. The time has come to adopt healthy practices that benefit everyone, starting with employers.

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