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Behind a startup is a brilliant idea and a dream to see it become reality. Inspired by an uncle with muscular dystrophy, the founder and CEO of Kinova developed assistive robots to help improve people’s lives.

“ Montréal attracts startups because there’s energy and a lot of expertise in entrepreneurship as well as subsidies and tax credits. ”

Laurie Paquet

Vice President, Assistive Technologies, Kinova

Why Montréal was the right choice

Did you know Montréal has one of the world’s best startup ecosystems? With $800 million in venture capital financings in 2017, Montréal’s ecosystem is positioned as the best for attracting financing in Canada.

For Laurie Paquet, Vice President, Assistive Technologies at Kinova, what sets Greater Montréal apart is:

  • An advantageous cost structure with subsidies, incentives and R&D tax credits
  • A diverse, multilingual pool of talent — +100 languages are spoken in the city
  • Worldwide acclaim for its high-tech sectors, including artificial intelligence and life sciences and health technologies

A project in Montréal?

Are you an international entrepreneur who wishes to launch your startup in Montréal? Discover the benefits Greater Montréal has to offer.

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