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Maltem Consulting Group chooses Montreal as its new Cybersecurity expertise hub

November 12, 2020

Maltem Consulting Group is expanding the services offered by its Montréal-based subsidiary by launching a new cybersecurity expertise. Maltem Canada plans to create 100 jobs in Montreal over the next three years, including 40 at its cybersecurity department.

This sector is undergoing rapid growth in Greater Montréal and everything is in place to make it a leading destination for cybersecurity firms. Maltem Canada, founded in 2018 by Jean-Luc Salinas and Marc Giraud-Sauveur, has capitalized on this advantage by opening its new cybersecurity centre of excellence in Montréal.

This initiative aims to address the issues that companies are currently facing, such as cyberattacks, risks related to computer data and human negligence. Maltem Canada has designed this expertise for all of its clients: startups, major groups and, of course, SMEs. The service includes full offensive security coverage, a selection of awareness workshops, secure code training, and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), security architecture but also DevSecOps support.

“Today’s businesses are subject to a growing number of malicious attacks and the consequences can be disastrous in terms of finances and brand image. As a digital transformation leader, Maltem Canada is duty-bound to provide awareness and information security expertise. Our goal is to shake up existing practices!” Jean-Luc Salinas—Cofounder, Maltem Canada

Key partnerships and a collaborative ecosystem

Positioned as a Tech for Good leader, Maltem Canada is confident of the success of its operation, which is based on local and international partnerships.

Our mission is to ensure that our clients are prepared for the unexpected. The fact that many businesses are chasing down threats is a significant problem. Our goal is to provide clients with a full line of services so that businesses can protect themselves. We are extremely proud to partner with Yogosha and Flare Systems to develop an offensive and preventive approach.” Marc Giraud-Sauveur—Cofounder, Maltem Canada

Signing partnerships with local businesses is essential because it not only supplements Maltem Canada’s cybersecurity offer, but it also contributes to Québec’s economical growth effort.

“Thanks to its international reputation, Maltem Consulting Group is able to support a wide range of small- and medium-sized businesses in Québec and France with our Firework platform, which has already made a name for itself among large businesses. Maltem’s expertise in cybersecurity education combined with Firework’s proactive threat and data leak detection provides customized protection to these organizations.” Mathieu Lavoie — CEO, Flare Systems

This vision of excellence for its clients has led Maltem to partner with Yogosha, the first private Bug Bounty platform in Europe. Its aim is to help organizations to detect and fix company’s vulnerabilities before criminals exploit them.

“We are delighted for this partnership with Maltem. This collaboration will enable us to provide managed cybersecurity services in our shared markets to audit the most critical applications across our platform. This service combines local support with innovative technology solutions powered by an elite international community of vulnerability researchers.” Yassir Kazar—CEO, Yogosha

In addition to Maltem Canada’s expertise and its reach in Québec, another ambition of the company is to collaborate with Montréal’s universities. Maltem Canada and Yogosha are actively involved with l’École Polytechnique de Montréal to organize live hacking events with its students—the next of which is planned for early 2021. The aim is to participate in the training of qualified talent of the next generation.

It is by benefiting from Montréal’s strong local ecosystem as well as from rich collaborations with organizations such as Montréal International or Investissement Québec that Maltem Canada is approaching its entry into the cybersecurity market.

“Greater Montréal is becoming a key region for cybersecurity firms. This is due to Montréal’s know-how in artificial intelligence, a field that is closely linked to digital security, and to its pool of specialized and highly qualified talent. Several Montréal universities have developed cybersecurity programs in recent years to meet the growing demand.” Stéphane Paquet—President and CEO, Montréal International

“French companies enjoy many advantages when they do business in Québec, and this expansion proves it. Our team works closely with Maltem Canada to ensure it has the tools it needs to achieve its ambitious goals, by providing financial and digital transformation support. Our technology ecosystem is solid and we know that cybersecurity players will find everything they need here to develop their ideas.” Hubert Bolduc—President, Investissement Québec International

About Maltem Consulting Group

Maltem Consulting Group was founded in 2001 by Jean-Luc Clamen and Pascal Mennesson. The group covers a large field of digital skills such as business consulting, data factory, Agile centre of excellence and client experience. With its 1,100 collaborators in 12 countries, and revenues of Cdn$150 million, Maltem Consulting Group continues to expand and post a positive growth.

Maltem Canada is convinced that the digital field is an accelerator of evolution, at the heart of the issues that every business face today. Our company cares about its clients and recognize their value, which is why it was certified with the label Happy Clients in 2019. But a company would be nothing without its human capital, which is why we are proud to have a culture that favours employee development and were awarded the Happy at Work recognition in 2019!