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Montréal: A Digital Innovation Gateway to North America

June 17, 2020

Companies worldwide are accelerating their transformation to cope with a rapidly changing business environment post-COVID-19. While uncertain times are challenging, they also offer the opportunity to consider new strategies with big potential payoffs.

The Embassy of Canada to SwedenBusiness Sweden and Montréal International are pleased to invite you to this webinar with Paul Baptista, Head of ENCQOR 5G and Site Leader at Ericsson Montreal, on Wednesday, June 17, from 15:00 to 16:00. Paul will share Ericsson’s story, a Swedish global enterprise that chose Montréal to develop and deliver innovative solutions across the group and to clients worldwide.

During this webinar, you’ll also get an overview of Montréal’s Cybersecurity, IoT and AI ecosystems, its pool of diverse talents (the largest concentration of high-tech jobs in Canada), Québec’s innovation incentives and how this combination of factors makes Montréal an ideal gateway for Nordic companies considering expansion in North America to execute on their innovation roadmap.

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