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AAA Canada adds the transportation sector to its specialized services offer

January 11, 2017

Creating high-added-value jobs for Greater Montréal

Montréal, January 11, 2017 – With its established presence in the Aerospace sector, AAA Canada, a subsidiary of the European group AAA, today announced its entry into the ground and rail Transportation industry. This new niche will enable the creation of more than a hundred specialized jobs in Montréal.

AAA Canada, an on-site manufacturing company that offers subcontracting and technical assistance services, is pleased to make this announcement in cooperation with Montréal International. AAA Canada’s clients include Bombardier, STELIA North America and Zodiac Aerospace.

“The addition of an AAA Canada offer in the Transportation sector will enable the company to grow, diversify and consolidate its specialized subcontracting offer for major players in the air, ground and rail Transportation industry,” said Benoit Hudon, Senior Vice-President and COO of AAA Canada. “With this new niche, we can provide optimum services to clients, as well as placing ourselves in an enviable position for our future clientele. But above all, this logical combination of the Aerospace and Transportation sectors will mobilize altogether the cutting-edge expertise and technical qualifications of our specialized resources, common denominator of these two markets.”

“This new high-added-value positioning is in line with a growth strategy that questions the industry status quo, proposes new ways of doing business and meets changing market needs,” said Raymond Bachant, Senior Strategic Advisor at AAA Canada and former president of Bombardier Transportation in the Americas. “Within our own extended network, we intend to promote an innovative commercial framework that provides our business clients with an access to a specialized services offer in Transportation and Aerospace, whether it be parallel or complementary.”

Montréal International, which has been supporting AAA Canada since it began investing and opened its doors in Montréal in April 2008, was also delighted with the announcement. “The Canadian subsidiary of the European group AAA is now a key player on the North American market, with targeted expertise that makes Greater Montréal’s influence felt across the continent,” said Hubert Bolduc, President and CEO of Montréal International. “By using specialized teams to meet needs for technical staff, either for one-time assignments or long-term mandates, AAA Canada supports companies that are facing increasingly intense international competition in terms of costs. This is a business model unique to Québec, which creates new jobs, consolidates existing local jobs and offers Montréal experts the opportunity to work abroad.”

In the next three years, more than 115 specialized jobs will be created in the city in industrial production, in the areas of planning, methods, manufacturing, maintenance and inspection.

About AAA Canada (

AAA Canada is an on-site manufacturing company that offers specialized subcontracting and technical assistance services in industrialization, production and supplier monitoring processes in the Aerospace and Transportation sectors. With over 650 workers, AAA Canada operates at customer sites across the country, mainly in Québec and Ontario. AAA Canada draws its strength from the European group AAA, a major player in the industry since 25 years, generating more than 3000 million dollars of annual revenue and employing over 3,500 people throughout the world.. AAA Canada contributes with excellence and passion to the innovation and mobility that are shaping tomorrow’s world.