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Introducing AI, Montréal style

May 3, 2022

Montréal International has chosen to launch its new video on artificial intelligence (AI) during World AI Summit Americas, held May 4 and 5. Our goal is to make a special impact and attract foreign investors, international organizations, and global talent to Greater Montréal.

This bold and creative video shows how Montréal’s ecosystem plays a critical role by using AI “for good” to help move the world in the right direction. The video features several AI applications, ranging from those that are intended to save lives to those that are designed to save the planet and even the bees.


Indeed, AI is everywhere. And in Montréal, thousands of researchers and other specialists are making the most of it to drive innovation in a variety of fields.

Some use it to fight climate change, optimize power grids or build clean technology solutions. Some, to push the boundaries of medicine or accelerate the development of new pharmaceuticals. And others, to improve cybersecurity, supply chains or fintech capabilities.

But that’s not all. In Montréal, AI is also being leveraged to streamline training for airline pilots and healthcare professionals, optimize aircraft maintenance, forecast metro ridership, and much more.

In Montréal, AI even helps the bees!

There are so many ways AI can be put to good use. It can even benefit the bees. Did you know that we can improve the well-being of bees by monitoring a hive’s health remotely and in real time? Once the data collected is fed into AI algorithms, the insights are shared with beekeepers, enabling them to step in and promptly address any issues.

This type of innovation reflects the culture and values that define Greater Montréal’s AI ecosystem. Here, the focus is on cooperation, ethics and the common good to make sure AI is used responsibly and to maximize its positive impact. The International Observatory on the Societal Impacts of AI and Digital Technology, for example, brings together over 260 Québec-based researchers and Canadian and international partners who share their expertise to establish guidelines for AI.

Montréal’s AI sector at a glance:

  • Over 900 researchers and graduate students at Mila, the world’s largest academic research centre for deep learning and reinforcement learning
  • Over 27,000 workers with AI-related skills
  • Over 14,000 students enrolled in AI-related programs
  • Scale AI, Canada’s AI-powered supply chain supercluster
  • ICEMAI, the International Centre of Expertise in Montréal for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
  • World-leading companies like DeepMind, Google, IBM, Meta, and Microsoft
  • A strong culture committed to the ethical and responsible use of AI
  • A solid IT ecosystem (over 160,000 workers and over 7,000 businesses) to rely on

Thank you to our external partners

Montréal International would like to thank the twenty or so businesses that have contributed to this video by helping us better understand the applications of AI: Aifred Health, Audiokinetic, Bombardier, CAE, Ericsson, Felix & Paul Studios, Google, Imagia, Kinova, MDA, Meta, Mila, Moov AI, Recursion, Samsung, Sport Logiq, Stradigi AI, Thales and Tourisme Montréal.

What about you? How far will you go?

Want to harness the full potential of AI and take your business to the next level? No matter what field you’re in, Montréal has got everything you need to go one step further. To learn more about Greater Montréal’s AI ecosystem, check out our industry profile.

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