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Recruiting local talent

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Montréal boasts a highly skilled workforce with a broad range of expertise. Here’s how to find the right people for your business.

Whether you decide to take the hiring process into your own hands or outsource it, the steps to follow are the same.

STEP 1: Write your job ad, making sure it is compelling and non-discriminatory. Remember to clearly state the following:

  • Your company profile (e.g., mission, products and services)
  • Work location
  • Position duties and responsibilities
  • Required skills and qualities
  • Required knowledge and experience
  • Employee benefits

Even though many Montréalers speak more than one language, you cannot make mastering a language other than French a requirement unless the nature of the job really calls for it.

STEP 2: Post the job ad on dedicated websites, employment agency websites (like Emploi-Québec) and social networking platforms (like LinkedIn).

You may advertise the position in any language, as long as you provide a French-language version of the posting as well.

No personal information on résumés

Don’t expect to see the applicant’s age, date of birth or marital status on a résumé. Such information can be discriminatory and may not be required by any recruiter.

STEP 3: Interview the most promising applicants. For some positions, it might be worthwhile to conduct more than one interview and ask applicants to take a test. If successful applicants are already employed, they must give their current employers two to four weeks’ notice before joining your organization.

Many companies hire professional recruiters for specialized jobs or headhunters for management positions. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to refer you to one.

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